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Successes & Testimonials

More than 90% of our current students work at least 1 year beyond grade level, with more than 20% of our students studying 2 or more years beyond grade level. Our average SAT score improvement this year was…..close to 400 points Our average SSAT score improvement was approximately 35%!

Our graduates include attendees and (while we hate to admit we're this old, graduates), at BU, BC, Columbia, Cornell, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT and Yale Universities, Davidson College, Washington and Lee, University of Richmond, and Williams just to name a few. Our current students attend both public and private schools in the area, and we have prepped many students to admission at some of the most exclusive private day schools in the area, including Fenn, Meadowbrook, Park School, Ten Acre, Winsor, Belmont Hill, Boston Latin, Roxbury Latin, and so on...

These flowers were a recent thank you
     from one of our families.

Our students have placed in the top twenty in the country in National Math Competition, and our students were shown to have excelled at the TIMMS test….(an international test of math skills.) Our students were frequently sited in the top 100 of North America for advanced academic achievement when compared to peers from other area learning centers. Annually we are represented at the Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented tests, with outstanding success, including  previous "top 3" Massachusetts State Math finalists for 7th. Our English students include writers who have won National Writing contests. We run classes for early SAT and PLUS exam prep, and we had a significant number of 7th and 8th graders who received from 1700 to 2200 on the SAT.

BUT DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Listen to what our parents have to say….

...................Deb, I wanted to let you know right away!  ....... is into every school she applied to!

  • Thank you so much for helping my Jessica to prep for the ISEE. Now that she's been accepted we're 'over the top', and want your input in working with our daughter. Deb, I want to keep you as my personal parenting mentor!..Weston Parent 
  • Deb, I wanted to let you know right away!  ..... is into every school she applied to!  (One of many in 2013)
  • We
  • We were so frustrated with [a franchised educational program], because the boys couldn't move up at their own pace, and weren't getting help to learn the material. Thanks for letting them advance and helping them to move on....Sudbury Parent 
  • Stephen has done so well in reading this year that we really want to focus on building his math skills to the same level...Wayland Parent
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know where we would be if it weren't for you working with the boys....Chestnut Hill Parent ...whose two boys started below grade level just one year ago, with English as a second language. Both boys now work well beyond grade level in math, and have JUST graduated to work beyond grade level in English!
  • can't believe the difference this past year since Susie started working at your center. She is so much more focused and motivated. She is at the head of her class, but we want to do more work this summer so that she can continue to well. for next year..Weston Parent

And some earlier input:

  • We looked at many learning centers throughout the area. Many were run by non-native speakers, and none of them were set up to give individual attention the way your center is......Wayland parent
  • ....we've seen a huge improvement in Josh's writing in just three month's time. Wow!.....Sudbury parent
  • If it weren't for you we would not have discovered Linda's learning disability as early as we did. Thank you for guiding us in the right direction..... Weston parent
  • ....the best investment we ever made!.....Weston parent








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