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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will my student meet with someone at The Weston & Wayland Reading, Writing, Arithmetic Centers one on one?

A. During our drop in hours most of our students work with a teacher who has one to four youngsters working at a “table”. The teacher will provide individual attention as needed as each of these youngsters completes their work and exercises for the day. If there is a special reason for your youngster to have one on one attention occasionally, for example during a test, we will provide that. If your student needs continuous one on one assistance we can also schedule that.

Q. What is the earliest age you suggest for starting your learning program?

A. We start many children at four years of age in our Juniors program. The earlier a student is able to develop good study habits and practice, the better. However, children develop at different rates. In order to work successfully, your youngster must be able to separate, work with someone other than a parent, and focus for at least ten minutes.

Q. My son wants us to get him a tutor, how does this program compare?

A. In certain situations we suggest and can supply tutors. Once a student reaches high school, grades become critical. If your child is struggling in a high school class and is at risk grade-wise, we can provide you with a tutor. However, it is important to ensure that your youngster has the base needed to move forward successfully. Our tutors will address the immediate issues, but we will also show you and your student how to fill any gaps that could cause problems for your student in the future. We don’t want your youngster to become dependent on a tutor. Our goal is for your student to build learning independence.

Q. My child is doing very well in school. Do you provide supplemental help, or are most of your students remedial at The Weston & Wayland Reading, Writing, Arithmetic Centers?

A. Most of our students are in this program to work beyond grade level. We can and do work with remedial students, including those with learning disabilities. Even students who start the program for remedial needs often continue on past grade level, giving them a huge leg-up and confidence boost.







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